A Lucky Penny

By: Vera

Inspired By: Megan McDonald

Me and Mom had been looking for my lucky penny for hours. Wait, I should tell you about the lucky penny first. After we had payed good old Mr. Angelo his 20 cents I kept one penny for myself, that became my lucky penny. "Tell us the whole story." begged the granddaughter. "Okay, I"ll start from the beginning." said Grandpa.

"Dinner!" called Mom. I said goodbye to Otto and sprang up the steps two at a time. When I got inside I saw Mom pouring soup into four blue bowls. I gulped down my food so fast I'm surprised I didn't get the hiccups. Then I raced outside and slammed the door behind me. Me and Otto were building a secret clubhouse and I wanted to finish it now. Rosie saw a sparkling object lying on the table. She recognized it as the lucky penny. With a sneaky grin she decided to hide it. Just then, the doorbell rang, Rosie rushed over and flung open the door. There was her best friends Poppy and Daisy. Rosie told them about the lucky penny and her plan to hide it. Daisy and Poppy shared a brother, so they gave a sly smile and agreed to the plan. " Mom, I'm going to help clear the table later, okay?" Rosie asked "Just don't take to long!" she replied. They hurried to Rosie's room and sat down on the bed. "Where do where hide it?" asked Daisy. Rosie thought they should hide it in her shoe. Poppy thought they should hide it under her lamp. Daisy thought they should hide it in her empty piggy bank. They fought and fought and then decided to hide the penny in Rosie's old dusty shelf where nobody would look because it was in the creepy attic. They finished hiding the penny just as the door flew open and a voice screamed,"Poppy, Daisy it's time to go!" "Coming Otto!" they yelled back. Rosie waved good-bye to her friends and hurried down to the dinning room to help clear the table. The second I stepped into the room I saw that my penny was gone. "MOM!" I yelled. My lucky penny is gone! Mom rushed into the room. She turned to Rosie,"Do you know anything about this?" she asked. I saw Rosie gulp and then say no. Me and Mom looked all over the house, we would have looked in the attic too, but Rosie told us that it was probably not in the attic. "Okay." I said, but mom didn't say a word.The next day I woke up and noticed a dark blue box on my desk. I opened it. It was my lucky penny! I ran down the stairs to go show mom my lucky penny. " I found my lucky penny!" I told her. "I know, I put it there." she replied. I asked her where she found it. "The attic." she replied "The attic." "I carried that penny for a very long time" said Grandpa"I finally spent it on a box." "Tell us about the box" begged the kids. "That's a story for another day." Grandpa replied with a wink.