My Lucky Penny

By: Noa Kipnis

Inspired By:Megan McDonald

"Come closer and let me tell ya my story 'bout me lucky penny." I said.
"Oh, tell us! Tell us!" The granddaughter yelled. Her braids flying in the air.
"Ya." exclaimed the grandson. "From beginning to end."
"Than listen." I said. And the story began.

"Bye Otto!" I yelled as I sprang up the steps steps 3 at a time causing the plates and the cups on the table to rattle. "See ya later so we can work on ya-know-what-I'm-talking-'bout!" yelled Otto 34 steps down. "Dinners ready!" My Ma called as she brought the salad to the table. Rosie ate like some kind of warthog (in my opinion) and with a mouth-full of Mr.Angelo's potatoes said- "Lily, my new best friend, asked if she could come over after dinner and play, I told her that I'd ask you before I'd tell her anything. My ma said- "that sounds fine to me. Why don't you give her a call?" Rosie dashed to the phone quicker than you could even say penny. 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door "Lily, Lily, it's Lily!" Rosie yelled and the yanked the door open. Then she whispered to Lily something that I can't tell you because it will ruin the story. Then the two youngsters raced up the creaky stairs tripping over their skirts while running. In their minds they were cooking up a plan........

"But were are we gonna hide it?" Lily asked as she tripped over her skirt for the 5th time.
"I told you I DON'T KNOW!" Rosie hissed. After tripping over their skirts again, and again they reached Rosie's room.


"What were they hiding?" interrupted the granddaughter.
"Do you really want to know?" I asked.
"Yes!" exclaimed the grandchildren.
"My Penny." I said. "If you want to hear more then listen." So the children did.

"First we have to figure out how to get the lucky penny from my brother." Said Rosie.
"Then we need to figure out were to hide it." Said Lily.
"True." said Rosie.

The girls decided to go downstairs to a place in the house were ideas would usually spring to Rosie's head.They thought and thought for what seemed to the two girls for centuries and centuries. Then Rosie looked up and saw something glitter on the table. Curiously,she walked over to it, picked it up and walked back over to Lily "Wat's in there?" asked Lily. "I think." said Rosie smiling "that I found my brothers lucky penny.""Perfect!!!" Lily exclaimed. "Now where do we hide it?" "I know!" Rosie exclaimed. "We can hide it in my book of poetry!" "No." Snapped lily, "we should hide it in your jewlery box." and this went on and on for about 13 minutes until they decided to not hide the penny at all, they were going to dig a hole and put the penny in the hole then cover up the hole so that I wouldn't find it. But, being so happy with their wicked plan, they forgot to cover the hole.

The next day I decided that I would show Otto my lucky penny. So I reached into my pocket expecting to find my penny but sadly I found nothing.

"Why did you stop?" asked the grandson.
"Because it's getting late." I said.
"That doesn't mean that you have to stop." said the granddaughter.
"Please tell us more!" they begged.
"That will be another story for another day." I said.

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