The Lucky Penny

By Evan S

Based off the story The Great Pumpkin Switch
By Megan McDonald


“Me and Otto paid the potato man his twenty cents the very next day. Pennies came out of that apple butter all bright shiny as new. I even kept one for a lucky penny. Carried it in my pocket for the longest time,” grandpa told his grand children.

“Do you still have it, Grandpa?”

“Can we see it, Grandpa?”

“That’s another story for another day.”

“Tell us the story Grandpa, about the penny,” said the grandson.

“Yeah,” said the granddaughter.

“Okay, now get cozy cause this will be a fun story,” said Grandpa.

“Rosie had won all the patches that she had wanted from the pumpkin that we replaced for Old max. She never found
out about the pumpkin. When we stirred
the butter we got the 20¢ and I kept one for myself.”

“Grandpa we know that you kept one for yourself you told us in the last story.” Said the granddaughter.

“Oh yeah, Now back to the story.

The next day when we paid the potato man his twenty cents a lot of things lucky happened I found a penny in my apple butter, my mom purchased me a new bike. Otto and I were able to see the new movie that came out (we rarely saw a movie). Then the next day the potato man sold a fortune and he bought a new iron wagon. I know cause the next day he came saying “Ab-i-no potato man” and I ran to him and admired his new wagon. I was so astonished that I forgot about buying potato's."Son are you buying anything." said the potato man.

"Oh yeah," I said," I'll buy some potato's."

"Thats 25¢ son." he said.

"Here you go one quarter." I said.


"Your welcome." I said.

I went back home and put the penny on my desk and went to eat dinner I came back and saw my sister with the penny.