the most lucky penny

and inspired by Megan McDonald

"Come on if you want to hear."

"Hear what, Grandpa?"

"It was a bright fall day and the birds were singing. Otto and I were stirring apple butter, it was time to throw the pennies in. So I took our 36 pennies and threw them in the apple butter. But one penny was special because as the other 35 pennies were in the air about to land in the sticky apple butter that one penny had been stuck to my hand and I knew that it meant somthing. Otto then asked me why I had not thrown the last penny in the apple butter, I hesitated to answer his question and I ran home. When I entered my house my ill mother had told me that I owed my little sister Rosie a penny for destroying her award winning pumpkin. Then she said, "Oh, look, you have a penny in your hand. You should go give it to her"."And that ending that I just told you reminds me of when I almost penny LOST my lucky penny on vacation

"Oh grandpa did you ever lose the penny?"

"Grandpa Grandpa so can you tell us about how you almost lost your lucky penny on vacation?"

"To answer your first question I have kept that penny in the smallest pocket in the bag and you know where that bag is."

"No grandpa I don't where is it."

"It is in the ........... hahaha you kids you are not going to figure out where that bag is until tomorrow and the next day you can hear about how the lucky penny was LOST?"

"Why cant we hear them write now grandpa."

"Because every different day is another different story."

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