Come........ gather roun'. I'm goin' to tell ya the time of the penny mix up. Tell us grandpa tell us!
Well it all started when Rosie got a brown box she put her favorite penny in it I had gotten the same box and put MY favorite penny in it as well. The only difference was that my penny had a P on it because it was made in Philadelphia and Rosie's had a S on it for San Fracisco.
We were rushing down stairs because it was Christmas. Me and Rosie put our boxes right next to each others. Then we ate breakfast. While we ate breakfast I heard the doorbell. I dashed to the door to see who it was. It was my good buddy Otto and he brought 4 presents. He was going to spend Christmas with us. We had pancakes with apple butter. Then we went around the tree to open presents. I opened mine first. I opened Otto's first.He gave me a golden Retreiver puppy. I gave him a Border Collie puppy.